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7. jimi lee   (06.10.2011 14:51) E-mail

Recognizing your very busy schedule, I’m sending you this note as a reminder to made some business deals with us such as Text links advertisement.I hope you have been more than satisfied with our price values.
I’m sincerely looking forward to receiving your email.


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6. LaToya   (18.08.2009 23:55) E-mail

Loved your dioramas and wanted to invite you to write an article for us on www.ToyCollector.com - get in touch!


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5. Дмитрий   (18.02.2009 06:37) E-mail
То, что вы делаете, это красиво!
Только мрачновато!
Я понимаю, что война это мрачно, но все же!

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4.   (16.04.2008 10:19)

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3. Christopher   (24.12.2007 10:16) E-mail
For a guy who doesn''t use an airbrush, those are very well done dioramas. I admire your work and like the subjects you cover. I''ve been to Ukraine and your country is beautiful. I attended the Kremenchug flight university. I am a technician for the US and work on MI-17 helicopters along with a number of american helicopters. Email me and we can talk. If you send me your address, I''ll see about getting you some good models. I''ve got plenty and could give a couple up for a good cause. Good luck and keep modeling. Chris

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2. John E.   (13.09.2007 22:47) E-mail
Your work is most definitely NOT inferior. What a wonderful job you have done! Excellent! You also have some photos that are outstanding. Congratulations from the U.S. on a very skillful piece of work. I wish for you good health and success in your future endeavors.

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1. Mohammed   (24.04.2007 17:11) E-mail
i am sorry dont know your name but i can tell you that your work are one of the best work i have ever seen!! keep it up! do you have a "youtube" account if dont please make one and start making videos of your projects..


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